About Claire Cooney - Coffs Harbour Naturopath

clair-cooney-naturopathClaire Cooney – Naturopath

I was first introduced to natural medicine in 2003 when I collapsed from adrenal exhaustion, although at the time I had no idea what that actually was and neither did my doctor. This condition is now recognised by the health community but the only way to deal with it is using targeted nutritional therapy and moderate exercise as this is certainly one condition that takes time to resolve with stress reduction being a core need. It occurred after a bout of glandular fever that really floored me and the virus Epstein Barr that triggered it has become a lot more common in our community with many people now suffering from the myriad symptoms it can cause.

At the time I was working as the Manager for Border Clearance at UPS – a large international freight company. I was a Licenced Customs Broker. This is someone who has clients that are importers and exporters and I provided customs clearance, logistic and freight services. I have worked in fast-paced government regulated corporate environments for decades managing clients and staff with tight deadlines, so I understand stress.

In addition I have taught International Trade Law 2 nights a week since 1997 and only gave that up in May 2015 as for the last 10 years I could teach it on-line.

Yes, I have lots of qualifications. I have spent much of my life studying as I have an enquiring mind. I have taught about one day a week at TAFE in Coffs Harbour (Retail, Business and Salon Management) for the past 10 years. Teaching is where I learnt the satisfaction of empowering others.

I do not do a lot of teaching anymore but instead have been working full time as a Naturopath, Aromatherapist and Remedial masseur since I qualified.

I am now a Degree Qualified Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine & Diplomas in both Remedial Massage & Aromatherapy. I studied Lymphatic drainage at Nature Care College in Sydney and was trained by OMT in oncology massage. I studied the Master Class in Integrative Oncology with the Bio Concepts Education Centre founded by Henry Osiecki, a decorated Nutritional Biochemist. I have been supporting people with cancer since 2008.

My interest in cancer began when someone close to me was diagnosed. Supporting them really showed me the power of natural medicine in this area of health.

As someone who has come from a legal background I question everything with a healthy dose of skepticism. The aim is to acquire certainty though scientific or logical observation. There is a lot of marketing hype with natural medicine that clouds the true potential it can realistically deliver. Nutritional biochemistry and herbal medicine is fascinating and its effect on the body is extraordinary. However sometimes there is a place for pharmaceuticals especially when it comes to pain and cancer. I do not work in opposition to doctors as I believe that the role of health practitioners is to work together to help you.

Natural medicine is now my passion and I use it to empower others. Come visit me in my Coffs Harbour location to find out what I can do for your health.