What to expect at a consultation

An Initial Consultation – I assess your signs and symptoms and build a symptom picture as a base measurement so that during your program we can target these for removal or change. We will discuss your history to build-up a picture of your past medical conditions and events, and your exposure to infection and to toxic metals and substances that have challenged your body over time.

Assessing your level of chronic disease and or cancer drivers is ‘key’ to the outcome of treatment.

As standard practice I take a hair sample to send to the laboratory. The purpose of this is to measure your specific nutrient levels and ratios so that your program will meet your specific needs. If your hair is recently dyed I will get you to wait for 2 months and then take a sample. Or you can give me pubic hair. No hair? Then we simply wait for you to grow some. For men who are bald chest hair can be taken. During that time I will support your needs to reduce or manage your pain and symptoms.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is for measuring:

  • Heavy Metal Exposure – Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Aluminium, Arsenic, Uranium, Beryllium, Tin and Nickel (also Antimony if needed).
  • Minerals needed for health – both levels and ratios of these – Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Iron, Potassium, Sodium, Boron, Selenium, Cobalt, Sulphur and Phosphorus.
  • Measuring your ability to absorb and use Minerals.
  • Assessing your Cellular Metabolic state and nutritional ratio / balance.
  • Assessing drivers of disease.

I use ‘InterClinical Laboratories’ for this service. See the link to their web page under ‘Useful links’ if you would like to know more.

This is because taking random vitamins and minerals (even if they are specific for your condition) may actually make you worse. In fact I see people spending lots of money for years on supplements that are making them progressively worse. My programs stop your on-going supplementation as much as possible. Once your condition is under control then food is your medicine, not pills.

  • Depending on your imbalance, I may also use the following Testing methods:
    • Gene testing to assess your metabolic and or inherited disease patterns.
    • Salivary hormone tests, Urine testing for Pyrroles and other issues.
    • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate along with Temperature.
    • Food Allergy Testing.
    • Other Tests on application.

Please bring any current scans, saliva, blood or urine test results (taken within the last 12 months or since diagnosis of your condition) with you when you come. If you do not have a copy of them, simply ask your doctor to give them to you. With the turnover of health care professionals in your life it is always a good idea to get and keep copies of tests and scans so that they can be referred to as you age.

Support and Rescue Programs for cancer are given on the first consultation. These include Coping Strategies for radiation and chemotherapy, Information sheets on Chemical and Environmental factors, Exercise, Reducing Cancer risk, a Cancer or Convalescence Diet with Recipes and a Supplement Protocol. As it is important to assess drivers of cancer, a Hair Tissue Sample needs to be taken to identify any toxic metal exposure as on-going treatment will need to reduce these if found. In addition it will assess your level of essential cancer fighting minerals which directly impacts anaemia and the state of your immune system.

Recovery Programs targeting your chronic disease(s) are given after the results of the hair tissue mineral analysis are received so that the treatment plan will be specific for your needs. However on the first consultation some information and some supplements may be needed depending on your condition. All recovery programs are designed in 3 month blocks.

Recovery Programs are also for people who do NOT have cancer. Recovering from all chronic disease is essential for a long and healthy life.

What is the cost and what do you get?

  • An initial consultation fee is charged + the cost of the Hair test + initial supplements where needed.
  • Support Programs – standard follow up as needed.
  • Rescue Programs – standard follow up as needed.
  • Recovery Programs – standard follow up then short frequent follow-ups for monitoring. As you progress these reduce. Follow-ups are dependent on your condition.
  • Recovery programs at 3 months need to be reviewed so a standard follow up is needed to assess the next step.
  • Programs may include:
    • A detailed diet based on your laboratory result including recipe book,
    • Information about your symptoms and their causes,
    • Information about any heavy metals identified,
    • A chemical identification check list, to assess and reduce your exposure,
    • An explanation of the impact of exercise and its different sorts,
    • A supplementation protocol that directly addresses your needs which explains what each is for and the outcomes for your health that are the goals to be reached.
  • The cost of supplementation will be given to you at that time which I structure over a treatment period of 3 months and as affected by your condition and your response to treatment.
  • If you choose NOT to do the supplementation protocol then that is your choice, however with chronic disease it is very difficult to make major change to your body without practitioner quality specific supplementation.
  • After you have embraced the treatment plan retesting is a good idea. Depending on your condition, age and imbalance your protocol may need to continue for some time as fixing a condition you have had for years takes time. If you see me every 2 to 3 months I simply charge the standard follow-up consultation fee + any additional supplementation where needed.

Every day you make the choice.