Recovery Programs – Reduce Risk of Recurrence and Treat Chronic Disease

Lifestyle changes can affect your long term healthChronic Diseases are conditions of long duration, or recurrent presentation, and are generally slow in progression. Effective control of chronic disease requires attention to all areas of your life – diet, stressors, and lifestyle.

  • Chronic disease can be suffered by everyone and at any age.
  • They weaken the body making you susceptible to infection, stress and injury.
  • They trigger the drivers of cancer and degeneration.
  • They reduce your quality and length of life.

Food is your medicineAre you unsure of how to approach the management of your condition and what to do next? What is driving your disease state? Do you know?

Natural medicine does not replace the role of your doctor. Medical diagnosis is important. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease then natural medicine will give you the tools to reduce the drivers of the disease and to improve the health of the body so that you can improve your resilience, reduce pain and improve your quality of life.

Are you taking prescription medicine? If so it is important to make sure that what you do does not compromise your conventional medical treatment. At all times I consider what pharmaceuticals you are on and work with them. Programs help to reduce your need for pharmaceuticals but if you wish to go off pharmaceuticals then you will need to discuss this with your doctor once your health improves.

At ANUNA Natural Medicine, I guide people through treatment programs that work step by step. This is because a state of balance and wellness takes time to achieve especially if your imbalance has been on-going for some time.

The expression “one month of treatment for one year of illness” is commonly used and as we age this can take longer. In saying that, within 2 weeks you will feel dramatically different – it will all depend on you. Are you ready for positive change?

See the drop down menu for a list of the many chronic diseases that I can help you with.